About the Cartoonist

Ray Andrews is a retired 80-year-old codger who lives in West Hartford CT with his wife Barbara and a massive inventory of unpublished cartoons. Ray has been drawing cartoons for seven decades, beginning as a little tyke fascinated by Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket.

Although Ray’s work has appeared occasionally over the years in such publications as the Boston Globe and Hartford Courant and has been featured in exhibits, it has been largely relegated to increasingly crammed boxes in his studio as he pursued a variety of conventional careers: military, legal, fiduciary, health and human services, nonprofit governance, and education.

Always in the background has been Ray’s love of cartooning – and always uppermost in his mind a penchant for social and political comment. When he recently retired from gainful employment, he focused his creative energies on catching up at his drawing board and sharing his unpublished efforts with others.

Ray believes that full creative expression requires an audience beyond oneself, whether appreciative or critical. He’s now retrieving years of cartoons from their box and he welcomes all to outoftheboxcartoons.com.